Hi. I am Kai Darul, hailing originally from the province of Tawi-Tawi. I took up Accountancy at MSU Iligan Institute of Technology. Yes, I own too many blogs (Lilpink, Designing Dream, etc). I have been blogging since 2008. 
And this is my first blog. 
I am Muslim. And oh, I dislike terror. I am Tausug. I am friendly. I am frank. 

    • Go on umrah or hajj. 
    • Study MBA/Entrepreneurship abroad.
    • Speak to inspire before a huge audience.
    • Travel more around the Philippines and to Southeast Asian countries, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.
    • Head the accounting/budget section.
    • Snag ambassadorship for big brands.
    • Better blogging career.
    • Be a better muslimah.

Allaahumma ameen.

Will you please help me achieve these? Please help me pray or give me an opportunity. Thank you. Email me at