The True Meaning of Life

By Monday, December 23, 2013 , , ,

Life for some is just a simple 'be happy and do everything that you please to please other people' kind of thinking. In today's world, we are made to believe by capitalists and those who are greedy that we need to do this and do that to please other people.

If you are living this kind of life, rewind and freeze to the moment when you felt that you had the best of everything. Now, think. Did it really made you happy until now? You may say yes, but actually it is a big NO! You feel that if you could only bring back that moment, you'd do everything. Nothing in this world is of permanence. You, yourself, is temporary.

It is never too late to realize that we need Allaah. And it is never too late to start learning HIS religion. Do the first step now. READ THE QUR'AN and UNDERSTAND EVERY WORD IN IT.


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