The Sujood

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Sujood (prostration) is one of the things a Muslim does when he prays.

A lot of people, especially Non-Muslims here in the Philippines, does not understand the essence of this. While few just let it be, many others mock Muslims as 'to kissing the soil when praying'.

I have read in a Youtube comment once that goes like this: 'At least, di namin nginungudngod ang mukha namin sa lupa di tulad ng mga Muslim na ito.' (At least, we do not put (i dont know what nginungudngod in English is) our faces on the soil unlike these Muslims.

Sujood is an act that lets us be closer to Allaah. When we are in prostration, we let go of the arrogance that we have (such as the comment above). We are acknowledging that there is greater power in the name of Allaah. And that HE alone is worth the sujood.

When we are in sujood, we let loose all the burdens of life that we are carrying and rest it all to the ONE POWER who is in full control of everything.

When we are in sujood, we indulge ourselves in a much greater ecstasy, that is acknowledging ourselves nothing without Allaah.

Everyday, we make at least 34 sujoods. That, I think is more than enough to make us humble to everyone and of course, to the All-Knowing and Almighty. Now, if we feel that we are still arrogant in that many sujoods we make, then we can add more to them.

To the Muslims, if you haven't took any sujoods, when will you minimize that arrogance you have towards Allaah? When will you start acknowledging that Allaah deserves a looooot more sujoods than you can make in your entire life? When will you let HIM plan and control your life because HE is the best of planners?

Start now. Get moving. Pray. Make that necessary sujood before it's too late. Ameen.

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