When Someone Shows Interest In Islam

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I and Kah Morhana were walking past through perfume section of SM Department store when a salesman approached us. He asked, “Do you understand Tagalog, ma’am?” I exclaimed, “Oo naman.” He smilingly replied, “Ay, Filipino pala kayo.” He was obviously selling his perfume products to us as he escorted us to his stall of expensive perfumes. 

During his talk, I politely said that I don’t use any kind of perfume. He was astonished by what I said and asked why. Perhaps it was his first encounter that someone told him she don’t use perfume. I told him that in Islam, it is not really encouraged to wear the perfume. Or in simple terms, it is prohibited for girls to wear the perfume. Again, he was shocked. “Why would a religion prohibit you from using perfume?”

I explained that it would invite temptation when a girl smells good and sweet. It would invite men specifically. Then, he agreed and reaffirmed that it is the possible reason why we dress like how we do. Apparently, he stopped his sales talk and asked further about Islam, from the four wives to the food and many more. 

I learned that it was not us the first persons he talked to about Islam. He had also previously asked many shoppers about Islam as well. Had he not been a man, I would have invited him over a cup of coffee to talk more about this beautiful religion. 

When I felt like the conversation was getting longer, I politely ended the talk. And we went away. 

From the encounter, I learned something. Many people are interested about our religion. Sometimes, we just have to know more so that we can tell them from the facts that this religion would totally bring peace to them. We just have to have knowledge. AND WE HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO DELIVER IT TO THEM. As Muslims, we have an occupation to live with. We should let the world know about Islam. It is our task to make da’wah. 

I am more than inspired to learn more of the deen now.

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