Who is Mahdi?

It is a good thing to know more about our religion as each day passes by. For today, let us listen to this beautiful lecture about The Mahdi who will be our guidance when the day of judgment is growing near.

Mahdi - the guided and the guidance. Before the coming of Prophet Isa AS, someone from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad SAW will be sent to the ummah. And it is in the personality of THE MAHDI. Many signs will come prior the qiyamah, and this is just but one.

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  1. SubhanaAllah, Jazaka Allahu Khairan for sharing the video with us, it was really interesting and I learnt so many things about it, first of all I learnt about the hostoge that happened in 1979, I didn't know about it and I do now, thanks to you.

    May Allah reward all your efforts.




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