Don't Delay Your Deen

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At one point or another, we have made delaying things an excuse. It's not a new phenomenon. Procrastinating of students is a form of delaying what's essential. However, one thing that we should never ever delay is practicing our deen. 

A common thing I hear amongst girls my age is them saying that they will wear the hijab once they get old. My dear friends, are you even sure that you'll grow old in this life? Another one is delaying one's salah. If you believe in the greatness of the Almighty Allaah SWT, you should be prostrating and praying for his forgiveness.

If we only engrave in our hearts that death can come anytime without prior notice, we would not delay things. We only have one life to prove that we are worthy of Jannatul Firdaus, let's make the most of it. Let's work hard in this testing stage and gather our rewards in the afterlife.

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