Take Care of Your Elders

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

In Islam, taking care of your parents is said to be similar to Jihaad in the cause of the Almighty. Being there when your parents need you most will be the most fulfilling task for any child. Our parents are the secondary reasons why we are here in this world. That's why they are most precious.

But, what about when they get old and sickly and you are busy with your work? Let me remind you that during your younger years, your parents were also busy with their work. But they choose to bring you up accordingly and give you their precious time. Our parents, especially our moms, never grew tired of taking care of us. In fact, it is there happiness to be there for us.

If your mom or dad is bed-driven and have hard time getting up, be there for them the most. Noone wants to spend days on that bed. Noone wants to pee on that bed. However, you may opt to use molicare super plus adult diapers to make sure that there isn't any leaks. ParentGiving.com offers many of our needs for taking care elders such as our parents and grandparents.

Let us all remember that it is not only in this world that we are bound to be dutiful to our parents. We must always give dua to our parents. If there are two people who are most deserving for our dua, they are none other than our parents. Let us ask forgiveness to Allaah for the wrong they've done in this world. Let us pray that we will meet them one day in Jannah.

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