Put Your Trust in Allaah

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 Whatever happens in your life, there is a reason behind it.

Islam teaches us that putting our trust in Allaah and having faith will erase the worries away. You don't have to cry over worldly things. Focus on things that are far more important - your religion, family, friends, and death.

This world is meant to be a test. It is hell for the believers, and heaven to non-believers. For one who have faith, this world is nothing but a mere journey. He has to conquer all his desires and every barrier that might hinder him from getting to his destination - akhirat.

Anything can happen during this journey. From good to bad - anything is possible. However, if we are firm with our faith, we are sure to face anything that await us.

Trust is a very crucial thing in Islam. And giving your full trust in Allaah as in "Tawakkaltu Al Allaah" gives more security in everything that might happen any minute. Truly, there is nothing more securing than knowing that Allaah has plans for you for everything that happened -  that there is a reason for losing something.

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  1. Beautiful post, it's so inspiring but above all you are righ, we, as muslims, have to put all our trust in Allah.





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