My Journey To Islam: Roraima Aisha Kanar

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I've always loved hearing revert stories and the reasons behind their come back to Islam. Here's the mother of the famous Youtube vlogger, Yaz the Spaz, talking about her story in reverting to Islam.

"But when you start wanting to be in fashion with the styles of the uncovered women or the women that want to look provocative (coz that's how they think that they look beautiful), we tend to lose every value that we have. We don't feel embarrassed anymore to be half naked, or we don't feel embarrassed to show all of our legs. And we don't reason. All these things are things that God has given us, and they're private to us. And we don't need to share it to other people. (...) And they make us feel that if we don't show it, it means that we're embarrassed of it when it should be the opposite." - RORAIMA AISHA KANAR

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