Tausug Story-Telling (Kata-Kata)

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Tausug story-telling, well-known as Kata-Kata, is one of the things I miss about hometown. I used to listen to this on the radio ever Saturday and Sunday nights. The famous story-teller that time was named as Apuh-Apuh (grandpa). I wonder if he still does this till now.

In panaw mo laung nya lanjali
Ay mo na alali
Magbulan tahun kaw sab wah di
Dih magpinda in kasi.

Rhyming the last syllables of the words is a must in every kata-kata. It is the characteristic that makes the kata-kata more challenging. It also uses onomatopoeia and numerous idioms and adjectives. 

It is supposed to be comedy and would entertain the audience. :) It uses deep Tausug words which makes it hard for me to understand the story. However, it is really good! :)

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