Will You Ever Be Ready For Death?

By Friday, May 04, 2012 ,

Free choices. It's the ideal of the human mind nowadays. We are free to commit whatever we want - rights, mistakes, wrongs, neutrals. Of course. Mankind is at it's zenith today. With all the successes the human mind has perceived, impossible is not even in the vocabulary anymore. Anytime soon, scientists will find another planet for us to live in when we have perished the resources of earth. After that, or even simultaneously, they will look for potions, medicines, vaccines, whatever it is called, that will prevent us from dying. Well, that would not be okay unless you want to be sleeping while standing due to overpopulation, that is. At this point though, everything I have just said is an exaggeration.


Surat Al-Wāqi`ah (The Inevitable) - سورة الواقعة

" We have decreed death among you, and We are not to be outdone,"

Change, taxes, and death. Those are three things that are fixed in this world. You go with the flow or you perish. Death is inevitable. We will all bid farewell to the glamour of the world. And when we arrived to that point, are we ready? Well, can you really say that you are ready to die? Are you ready to meet your creator? Have you done enough? As for me, I can never say. I am practicing my faith but I am not perfect. I am not the most pious.

Surat Al-Baqarah (The Cow) - سورة البقرة

"But if you do not - and you will never be able to - then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers."
Sometimes, we say that we are Muslims. Yes. A lot of us are. But there are many people who are only Muslims by name but not by faith. Faith is more than just believing. It is about belief, obedience, and perseverance. Unless we have fulfilled each pillar of Islam and understood the 6 pillars of Iman wholeheartedly, the road to Islam is yet too far. Remember, you can never do things right when you have not yet taken the fundamental steps. Just like in any process, you can never jump to a certain point in the process unless you have taken the first step.

We all are afraid of death. Yes we are, because we can never be ready for it. However, when we have done things right and repent for our mistakes, we are sure to hit the right road. InshaAllaah, I hope we all do.

May Allaah bless us with more Iman.

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  1. I am enlightened by this post. Though I am not a Muslim, I agree with the things that you've said. Death is only beyond the corner, we do not know when it'll knock on our doors so better be prepared. :)

  2. Asalamu alaikum

    JazakAllah for sharing, if you have 30sec come and have a look at Golden Words..

  3. i love what you wrote about starting with the fundamentals! its so true, change doesnt happen overnight, we have to start with the basics and build on that. jazakAllah khair <3


  4. Ameen! What a beautiful post sis! Ma'sha'allah, really hit the spot and you expressed what I think many of us feel in our journey through life and Iman.



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