Wishlist: Olympus E-PM1 Camera

By Sunday, February 05, 2012

Actually, I don't have a list at all. I only have one thing that I really really really want to have but I don't have money to buy it. T_T

It's this friggin' camera:

 And yes! Specifically, I want this color:
I hope Olympus reads this and hands me the camera instantly. T_T Oh well! I do hope that someone would gratuitously give this camera to me. 

I wonder if there's someone that generous to give out a Php22800 worth camera to me? 

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  1. ang ganda. gusto ko din nya. pero wala pang pera :9

  2. hopefully your dream come true. I just bought my canon camera. :)

  3. Ang ganda noh? I also want this but don't have money pa. They have this on going promo right now where you can add 6k and you get another type of lens beside the one that's included in the kit.



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