Online Business, anyone?

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Whether you visit the world wide web for social networking, research, or entertainment, you would always notice the numerous advertisements leading to commercial websites. Many of the popular and successful businesses have taken their spaces in the www.

Online shopping is not new; but only in the late first decade of the new millenium, it has reached every corner of the world. Thus, it made famous the word e-commerce. The boom in the e-marketplace in the last five years has been seen and felt in the Philippine setting.

What is there in online marketing that makes it a hit nowadays? Well, there are many reasons behind it.

1. Totally free unless u buy a domain for yourself and host it.
2. Reaches wide coverage of prospect customers.
3. At your own pace and convenience. You can even use your house as your office and your stockroom.
4. Instant feedback from customers with the aid of commenting and rating systems.
5. Easier to set up with regard to taxes and fees, as there is no exact law on it yet.
6. You can shut down anytime.

With the growing population of online stores and shops comes the growing population of scammers and bogus buyers too. However, the convenience of e-commerce makes it famous and lets the customers forget about the disadvantages it imposes. This is why more and more Philippine businesses are flocking the mainstream of internet marketing. From famous celebrities to plain entrepreneurs, the world wide web serves as the apple of business.

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