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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace ECOTRADE (, a Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace founded by the Korea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute (KEITI), is an established subsidiary governmental institute to improve the quality of life by securing global leadership of an environment industry.  It's role is to promote the development and supply of the green technology and products which are the core of  a clean and green growth of the environment.  

With the on-going battle to a greener pasture for the incoming generation, agencies and institutions such as KEITI arises to help in the maintaining and achieving the said goal. Having a healthy and green environment is needed so that the world will be at its best even though the next generation takes the seat already.

KEITI has a main role to promote and make projects for the development of a greener environment through projects such as Eco-Technopia 21 projects, Soil Pollution Diffusion Prevention Project, Environmental Business Export Assistance, Environmental Expert Nurturing Project, New Excellent Technology Certification and Verification, and the Korea National Environmental Information Center. KEITI also promotes projects to induce the national industry and society to have a sustainable production and consumption system through the Eco-Labeling Program, Environmental Declaration Program, Assistance for the Environmental Administration, and the Promotion of Green Consumption. For more information about this awesome technology center, please don't hesitate to browse their website at

Let's go to the Premiere Environmental Industry in B2B Trade e-Marketplace - ECOTRADE.

ECOTRADE is a marketplace in the internet that offers environmental-related products and trade solution. It's goal is to promote the essence of having a greener environment just like the KEITI.

ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace

What is this marketplace about? 
What benefits await the buyers? 

First, you are able to find environmental products and technology from Korea. This B2B Marketplace does not only cater to products but as well as to information. Everyday, thousands of entrepreneurs and experts visit the marketplace to trade and share products or information.

Second, registration to buying offers is super easy. The sign-up process is unnecessary to buy offers or leads. If you are looking for something, you can simply write about it and your brief company information and contacts. Then, the seller will reply to your needs.

Third, their products are reliable and trustful. Yes. Companies registered under ECOTRADE are certified by world's renowned environmental and standards inspecting authorities such as ISO and EU. ECOTRADE, itself, provides its own mark to the registered companies too such as 'V' and 'ECOTrust/Pro' marks. This means that the company is trusted by KEITI.

Fourth, the marketplace provides information that will be useful in the environmental industry. Latest issues and trends are linked in the website for useful purposes.

Lastly, you are connected with one of the World's largest B2B trade marketplace. ECOTRADE is also connected with which is one of the biggest B2B marketplace in the world.

Now, how about sellers? 
What benefits can they get in ECOTRADE?

First, as a seller, you can get your own e-Catalogue. You can make this e-catalogue where you can publish your company profile, products, and trade offers for free.

Second, your buyers are from all over the world. In an instant, you are able to get inquiries worldwide from thousands of prospect buyers.

Third, various services and information await you. Market trends and information about environmental industry and technology is made available at ECOTRADE. Thus, you also can easily share your certification pool to them.

Lastly, similar to buyers, you are also connected with one of the world's largest B2B marketplace in the name of

ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace

Never miss a good opportunity to meet your right customers and new business opportunity through ECOTRADE! Find Korea's latest environmental products and technology through ECOTRADE.

  1. Currently, only Korean companies can register as seller in ECOTRADE.

If you are interested in this awesome B2B Marketplace, please visit the following pages:

Don't forget to check their website, facebook page, and youtube channel. Get to know them and be part of the campaign to a green environment.

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