ELD: The Eco-friendly Company Behind Eddas, Ethos, and Somssi

Thursday, June 16, 2011

ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags
One of the premiere brands from Korea, ELD Co. Ltd. (http://eldkorea.com,  http://eddas.koreasme.com or  http://eddas.en.ecplaza.net) now broaden its coverage to the world with their eco-friendly products and  specialized Living goods. The said company is known for its travel products that are made from eco-friendly products. 

Under the name of ELD are the brand names EDDAS for travel bags, SOMSSI for the posture-correcting cushions and ETHOS brands. Currently, ELD has an  ISO-9001, ISO-14001 Certificate of Trademarks and Design registration making their products more quality-intensive.

Moving on, let us tackle about their eco-friendly products. First on the list are the Somssi posture-correcting cushions.

Somssi Posture Cushions:

ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags
This  type of cushions are merely to correct how we sit while doing something.  We cannot evade from the fact that we sometimes, or even oftentimes, slouch when we are doing some business with our laptops. To prevent the said slouching, we need something to rest our back and correct the way we sit. 

Now, how do the Somssi Posture cushions correct your sitting posture? Basically, there are two types of cushions ELD offers the public. These two come hand in hand in checking the way we sit. The first cushion checks how our butts and thighs are placed together when we sit. The other cushion checks the back part. These cushions also distributes well our weight so that we can sit well without hurting half of our butt and back. The horseshoe-like design of the thigh cushion makes air circulate more accurately than sitting down without the cushion at all too. 
ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags
Did you know that the pressure given to our back when we sit is twice the pressure it exerts when we walk? Worst is that when we lean on something or slouch, the pressure given to our back triples or quadruples. This is bad for our health and may result to bad posture. The best deal about these cushions is that it makes our posture great and helps the environment as well by using products that are harmless to all living things. The fabric used is air-mesh so it will be easy for the air to enter and exit the cushion for our own sake. The polyutherane memory foam also makes it easy for the foam to go back to its normal state.

Who can use these cushions? Well, all of us should especially to those students who studies for many hours, drivers who drives all day long, couch potatoes who never leaves the television for so many hours and computer people who needs to finish work.

Eddas Travel Luggage Bag:

ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags

Eddas probably is one of those luggage brands that has the most amazing designs.With much attention being put to the design and the quality, luggages from ELD under brand name of Eddas surely brings in the new age of travel. 

The luggages being a product of eco-friendly materials has made a name in the travel bag industry. Many people wants a bag with an attitude. Those kind of bags that they may be able to say that it has something that shouts about their personalities. Then, ELD Travel bags came to the rescue. Who would not want something like the photos on the right and at the bottom? 

ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel BagsELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags

With the two of the aforementioned products from ELD Co. Ltd., we are reminded that products should always be eco-friendly and should cater to the needs of the people. Thus in marketing, we say: Find a need, then fill it. 

For more information about this excellent products, you may refer to the following information:

Product Videos
 ELD High-Elasticity Backrest & Hip-up sitting Cushion: http://youtu.be/1xhFeI9MVlg
 ELD Smart Double Mat: http://youtu.be/MohmkWQapwA

Contact Information for Potential Buyers  Contact person : David Park
  Email : eldkorea@gmail.com / eldkorea@naver.com
  Phone :  +82-31-907-5526
  Fax :     +82-31-907-5527
  Website : www.eldkorea.co.kr / www.eddas.co.kr

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  1. wow. i wanna try ELD products. their company is very good because they produce ecofriendly products.

  2. @cbaa, yes. try them please. :) it's all worth it.



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