Short Stories About Love

By Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love. Reading. Words. Feeling.

I love short stories for a fact that they are short. I have read so many short stories but definitely I love those about love. I love how short stories can actually depict love in such a short manner; but will be able to move a person's feelings.

In as much as I love reading short stories, I also love telling mine. In this apartment terrace, I fantasize and read. In this terrace, I daydream about the distant love. In this terrace, I smell smoke. The smoke is blinding my eye from reading. It is making my smell awful but I still go on reading.

Suddenly, the rain began pouring down. It is like a blessing sent from above to battle with the fire lit by a neighbor to burn leaves. It somehow resents my sentiments about the smoke. I thought, maybe I should have taken a little step forward. What if. What if I write my own story? What would it be? I wonder.

As I was trying to brush up some memories, I noticed how pitiful the neighbor's chicken is. He is soaked in the rain. I bet, he would need a hug if it were human. I think to myself, I am sneaking into the neighbor's house, well, not literally. The rain is pouring harder. It's as if, it isn't satisfied enough for stopping the fire.

I think to myself. Rain somehow is like love. You never know when it is coming but it gives you hint. It starts, begins to pour hard, then subsides. It gives you lightning bolts and thunders. Ah. How playful - dreadful sometimes.

The guava tree is swaying gracefully to the directions of the wind. It's as if they have known each other for too long that they have to give in to one another to make such a beautiful dance move.

This reading about love is taking me further. It has moved me, pleased me, and influenced me. I feel a rosy cheek. I feel blushing. Perhap's those memories with you is what it this is all about. I usually make poems when I am inspired but this time is a little off the hook. I am making a long post. Maybe this is one of those things I enhanced when talking to you - my mad speech. Haha.

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  1. I love short stories too! I have several in my collection. It's great because you can go back and read them and get inspired again or whatever feeling it gave you.

  2. me love short stories too smply because it doesnt required so many hours to finish reading the whole story!hahaha..

    How are u Kai? I miss u already :)



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