Childhood Memoirs

By Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I was raised in a Muslim community by two beautiful people. My dad used to read Qur'an verses to get me to sleep when I was an infant. At eight months, I learned my very first word - ammah. I also learned to walk as early as eight months in the world. That would explain why at two years old, my parents sent me to the nearest mosque to learn Arabic and Islam.

The mosque is just two houses away from our house. My very first teacher in the mosque is my cousin who happens to love kids so much. Though, mom has been my first teacher, my cousin taught me many things - from my native dialect to Arabic and English language.

I cannot recall and neither my mom could remember the first time I wore the hijab. All she knows is that I really love imitating her wearing a hijab. Thus, ending to my wearing a hijab. In all of my previous graduation since kinder garten, I have been wearing a hijab.

At four, I have started reading the Qur'an and memorizing some short verses. My favourite surahs were the four Quls. I can still recall how I recite them when I think trouble will be approaching. Then people would adore me for doing so. People would think I am such a show-off. They just do not know that it is my mechanism to remove fear and anxiety.

At five, I was officially sent to two schools - western and islamic. I have a very hectic schedule. My weekdays are for western education and weekends are for Islamic education. I am glad to say that I have succeeded in both, bringing home awards and medals.

Aside from praying at home, I also go to the mosque together with cousins to pray. Friday juhr is entitled to going to the mosque and listen to the khutba'.

Have I mentioned that I started my first official fasting at six? Well, it was not required of me. So, I used to say that my fasts, yet they are not required of me, will go to my parents. :) Then, everyone will laugh and tell me good things.

My childhood sure is surrounded by Islam - from people to place to things. That's why I would not trade those memories to anything in the world. I have had such a happy childhood with two loving parents and a lot of caring people around us.

How about you? What is your childhood like?

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  1. Hey Kai. :) I hope you don't mind if I comment some of your older posts. This one was really beautiful, about your life and your beliefs.

    My childhood? Well, let's see... I was raised in a Christian Catholic family, and that is my faith too. My parents were always my friends and guides through the bad times in life and the bad things in the world, and they taught me to be patient, respectful, open-minded, always myself, and to have a humble soul (I do my best to be like that every day, but it's not always easy!). I was often discriminated for being different as a child, for many aspects of my persona, and that did shape my personality, even though left me with an ugly shyness that I'm fighting to this day (and I'm almost 26 now). As a child, I loved drawing and inventing fantasy stories, and I deeply desired a brother and a sister, and I was so happy when God gave me exactly a brother and a sister when I was 6! ^^ I always felt as if I was their second mommy.

    Uhm... that would get too long I fear. x)

    Talk to ya soon!

    ~ Luana S.



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