Insanity beyond comparison

You may think that I am over-reacting and maybe I do, but I really dislike the attitude of drivers in Iligan City (may them be public or private vehicle drivers). Why? They simply are inconsiderate people. They always want to take the lead. They want to rule the highways and roads. They never give in.

If you have been to Iligan City, perhaps you can reminisce the time when you were already close to death while trying to cross the pedestrian lane. You have just to wait for like a year (exaggerating) to be able to cross that whitey lane. Yes. That's how it is here. I have always been in the same instance with different kinds of people here. It seems that drivers will never give way to poor people who could not afford to buy a car or ride the jeep or taxi.

Maybe I am the first person you've heard to complain about this. I just couldn't bear with it anymore. I really want to slap the driver who nearly got my life screwed up. I was on the right track and the street lights are with me. The hell to people who does not stop when the streetlight turns red. THE HELL!

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