My Ideal Wedding

By Monday, January 24, 2011

My friends have been watching these youtube wedding videos that are really sentimental and can uplift hearts. They have been constantly talking about weddings and things related.

It made me realize that I am really growing old. No matter how I refuse to say it, I will be twenty this June. Things you talk with friends change over time.

Moving on, it made me wonder what kind of wedding I would like to have. Islam tells us that the SIMPLEST WEDDING receives most of the baraqah or blessings. I always wanted to have a wedding the Tausug way, minus all the white long wedding gown and coat for the guy. I see myself wearing a Sablay turned gown (courtesy of my mom from her wedding). I'd wear first the Batawi, then change into my mom's Sablay. He'd wear what a Pakistani man usually wears with a Turban on his head. Everybody would wear smiles on their faces.

It would be held at a place I call home with the latals on for the food. We would serve Piyanggang Manok on a Maligay. Everybody would love to have a taste of the Tausug confectionary served together with native coffee. I'd love to serve food that is not usually served on a wedding day. How I'd love to eat mango with sambal on that day.

People from my university will meet and greet with friends from my hometown. We will be serenaded with the instrumental version of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as we walk through the reception (of course, no music is allowed as the boy makes the santik portion while the imam is giving him a sermon. I do not know what it is in English.)

Perhaps, it would be my time of a lifetime. Of course, let us not forget that the man I am going to marry is the boy of my dreams and love of my life. He would always think of what will be the best for the both of us and our families and of course, our religion. He will be my sole reminder of the beauty of Islam. He will treat me with all the honor and courtesy as I would do too so.

I sound so imaginative but it's true. For me and any other muslimah, wedding is a promise to hereafter. Yes, it does not end when you die. Apparently, I pray to be his wife in the akhirat (hereafter) too.

You? If single, how do you see your wedding like? If married, what was your wedding like?

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  1. kai, i would love to try Phil's cuisine! if u get married dnt forget to invite me,who knows i can make it to ur wedding and could eat those Phil's foods! yumm!

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  6. i don't have thought about it. i can't imagine getting married. the image of me on my wedding dress is inconceivable. :(



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