Letter to Self

By Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear self,

Please stop excessive use of computer. Please read your notes once in a while. Please do not forget to pray. :( Please stop jumping into conclusions. Remember your mom's sacrifices for you.

I am begging you! PLEASE!

Hahah. I am getting a little exaggerated. Sorry. I am just too lazy now to study. And I hate it. I was not like this back then. WHY? What happened to me? huhuh. I need myself back!

Assalamualaikum! Toodles.

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  1. haha :D
    i'll try to write a letter for myself too.Ü
    this might works lol. :D

  2. hahaha. well, it worked a lil on my conscience.
    you must try it. :D



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