Tausug Fasting

By Sunday, August 30, 2009

I will list down some of the food that are always present in every table of a TAUSUG during Suhoor and Iftar on Ramadhan. (These are based from what we and our neighbors prepare.)

* Sabaw Butong (Buko or Coconut Juice) mixed with sugar and ice.
* Tausug Confectionary such as Pasong, Pitis, Putli Mandi, etc. (you can find some of the recipes at http://tausugrecipe.blogspot.com )
* Lara (pepper, chili)
* Coffee or Tea
* Tehe Tehe/kinilaw
( Heavy meal are also served during iftar.)

* Sabaw Maymu - one of my favorites. It is a dessert made from bananas cooked on Coconut milk with sugar and eggs. It is one of the bests things I like during Ramadhan.
* Kaunun Kiyukumpul - I do not know how to describe it in English. It is a rice that is (rolled? circled? hahah) I do not really know. But they say, you must roll your rice so that you would not get hungry the next day. I know! Pure superstition. ;)
* Coffee or Tea
( And of course, the dishes are served with it.)

I may have missed some of them but these are some of the most popular foods of Tausugs during Ramadhan. That is why I love this month. It is full of blessings, love, prayer, and FOOD. Alhamdulillah. ;) If you want some of the recipes, please refer to http://tausugrecipe.blogspot.com . These are all what I can remember for now. ahaha

May Allah bless us with Iman.

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