Maranao Food

By Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a while ago, I decided to buy Pater (a Maranao Food) at school. I really did not have the chance to taste it when I went to Marawi City last year.

When I arrived home, I immediately went to the kitchen and prepare myself a cup of tea to go with the Pater. The pater is enclosed on a banana leaf. I opened it. I tried to analyze the ingredients. I tasted it. Then, I thought.

One of its ingredients is familiar. I remembered, it was Bubuk. A Tausug mixture of spices that goes usually with rice. It is made from the dessicated coconut. The dessicated coconut is mixed with spices and salt. It tastes so yummy. :D

I came to realize that many of the Maranao food are similar to what Tausugs have. Maybe the similarity in religion and country brought this. Whatever it is, I am so happy to know. :)

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