Be Kind to Animals

Kindness is not given to one type of species alone. If you have a kind heart, it must have the compassion, love and care for each and every creation made by Allah SWT. If you can be kind to people, you also have to be kind to what surrounds you.

Although most of our environments doesn't show emotions towards us, we should always remind ourselves that they are created because they also have purpose, just like us.

Prophet Muhammad SAW has cautioned us to be kind and merciful towards all living creatures.

 “God has ordained kindness (and excellence) in everything. If the killing (of animals) is to be done, do it in the best manner, and when you slaughter, do it in the best manner by first sharpening the knife, and putting the animal at ease.”

"When you set your dog (for the chase), mention the name of God if he catches the game, and you reach it while it is still alive, cut, its throat quickly (so it won’t suffer).

The Prophet SAW also said, “Whoever kills a sparrow or anything bigger than that without a just cause, God will hold him accountable on the Day of Judgment.” The listeners asked, “O Messenger of God, what is a just cause?” He replied, “That he will kill it to eat, not simply to chop off its head and then throw it away.”

 One of Prophet Muhammad’s companions narrates, “We were on a journey and during the Prophet’s absence, we saw a bird with its two chicks; we took them. The mother bird was circling above us in the air, beating its wings in grief. When Prophet Muhammad returned he said, “Who has hurt the feelings of this bird by taking its chicks? Return them to her.”

 When Prophet Muhammad and his companions migrated to Medina, they noticed that people cut off camels’ humps and the fat tails of sheep for food. The Prophet forbade them from them from doing this and said, “Whatever is cut off an animal while it is still alive, is carrion and is unlawful to eat.

If one has no purpose for killing an animal, he should refrain for doing so. After all, how can you be a kind person when you are round and about killing and hurting other living creatures?

Another point to take is that instead of throwing away your leftovers, please feed it to the animals in your neighborhood. Don't be stingy with food. They are blessings from the Almighty and instead of giving out the food that you won't eat, you throw it away. There is no logic with that.

Give love even to those that can't respond back as how humans would.


How To: Hijabify Your Homecoming Dress

Hijabis always have this hard time choosing what to wear to occasions. At the end of the day, we just have to resort to having to design our own dresses. We can almost never wear anything ready-to-wear.

Like how can you wear to homecoming or any occasion dresses like the homecoming dresses we got from DressesofGirl posted above?

However, if we are resourceful and creative enough, we can actually wear RTWs to occasions without so much hassle. You just need to stock on few items.


You can just wear bolero or vests for RTWs that are made short-sleeved or sleeveless. I have like few vests in different colors. Cardigans may help too, but they are not really for formal occasion. Vest or bolero would still do the trick.


Be sure, though, that when you wear tights, your dress is long enough not to show the shape of your body. Otherwise, the whole hijab is of no use at all! 

Inner Longsleeves

If you don't feel like using vests or boleros which will cover the design of your dress, you may opt to use inners that are long-sleeved. They work super fine for formal occasions. Be sure to stock on different colors, too.

Those were just some tips to hijabify your formal wear. Hopefully, we have more in the future! 

Wonderful Wednesday: More Reasons to Smile


It has been a long hiatus. I have been missing in action in this blog because I have lacked the drive to write long posts. As seen in my other blog which I am more active, the posts there are far lesser in words.

Actually, I have been really sad this week. From my mom's illness to my missing her, I have a hard time to even smile. I am just really glad that I borrowed this book from my best friend entitled, "Don't Be Sad" by Dr. 'A'id Al-Qarni.

I've started reading in the most peculiar page. I sort of scanned the table of contents first and found the perfect start in page 179 [Don't let calamity shake you].

It was stated there that Ahmad ibn Yusuf wrote that human beings positively know that ease comes after difficulty, just as the light of the day comes after the dark of the night. In spite of this knowledge, the weaker part of their nature takes over when calamity strikes.

True indeed.

When my mother texted me that she is not feeling well at all. I did not know what to do. In fact, I broke down to tears. I prostrated calling the name of Allah.

We have never felt difficulty like how it is now. I've always mentioned how my mom has cancer. And that she never wanted conventional medicine, primarily because we cannot afford it and she is not really convenient about it. I thought that it was impossible to feel so alone, with all the people around us. Truth is, when you are in great tragedy, you really feel alone especially in my case as an only child.

I do most of the decisions now. And thinking about whether to quit my job to be able to be there physically for my mom and the fact that we would not have financial stability if I quit is really pulling me to the ends of the earth.

Contrary to the belief of many that I enjoy a life of joy because it is what they see in my blog, well, I am not. It just so happen that I am really good at hiding my frowns in my most down days. I believe that I'd rather be smiling and keeping the sadness than to share sadness to somebody else. I'd rather inflict them with my smiles.

After reading the page, my heart became half its weight.

"Hardship is beneficial to the soul as it is unwelcome in ones'  life. Comfort is as harmful to the soul as it is welcome in life."

"When we begin to understand our purpose in life, we will know that we are being tested either to gain reward from Allah or to gain atonement for our sins."

I've known those even before reading the book. Idk what happened that my heart lightened after reading despite the fact that it is not new to me. Maybe I just needed to be reminded that there are a lot of reasons why I am in my current situation. Perhaps the foremost reason is to make me stronger because I've never been in a difficult situation like this in my entire life. Perhaps, this is to make clear to me who are the people I can always count on. Perhaps, this is a way of telling me how painful it must be for my mom when her mom was sick back then.

To my readers, we all have our own struggles in life. What I am experiencing might not be as heavier than the burden you are carrying right now. But, I wish that we both have the same hope for the future.

Remember, inna maal usri yusra. Relief comes after hardship. This is a consistent formula of life. And whatever you have is decreed upon you, whatever isn't was never really for you in the first place.

May The Almighty Allah provide for us brighter future. 

Inspiring Monday: Always Inflict Positivity in Life

An inspirational something for each of us who, once in a while, undergo some form of distress.

The world is cruel. Life is unfair. Everything seems wrong. This is what we always perceive in our everyday life. I am not saying that we are all bound to being pessimistic. A  few some are luckily gifted of being optimists their whole life. For the rest of us, it is the same story.

Whether it is about fortune, health or our relationship with people, others always take the blame. It is not as if they deserved the blame. It is due to our self-centeredness that we always put the blame on others rather than taking it. This is where the meanie in us emerges. You put the blame on everything else than yourself. Worst scenario is blaming God for the meaningless life you live.

This week, my good reads queue as if each wants to be read at the same time. A blogger friend sent me two novels by John Grisham: The Client and The Last Juror. Then an officemate also handed me his book, Success through a Positive Thinking, to read. Though I am a fan of crime fictions, I had to lay down the John Grisham and start with the latter. This book by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone is a striking slap on my face. The funny thing is that it is not hurting me. It is awakening me.

The book commences with a statement, “We are poor – not because of God.” It is similarly saying that you are sad - not because of God. You are in distress - not because of God.

It talks about incorporating positive thinking into how we live our lives and eventually succeed in whatever we do. It is a motivational book that would inspire everyone. I highly encourage everyone to read this book to get a doze of happy thoughts. Everyone undergoes stress once in a while, and when you’ve read something like this book, you would get ahead of stress, thereby, forbidding it to control our conscious and subconscious mind.

How mean are we to think that God has wanted us to live a sad and unfortunate life? 

How many times have we asked ourselves if being poor or being in deep sorrow was really our destiny? And how many times have we stood up and said to ourselves that God does not want anything less for us?

God has given us a mind to think, a body to work, and reasoning to ponder with. If we ever think that God sends us trials just so He can see us so down, we are indeed wronged. Those trials that we despise? Those are the means that will lead us to success. If we use our mind, body and reasoning, we can, of course with flying colors, achieve success.

Before blaming God or the universe for your difficulties in life, start by asking yourself first the reason why it had to come to this point. What steps have you taken to overcome those? Are you willing to take action? Or are you just going to be sober and blame it on others which will lead you nowhere?

Again, ask yourself. Keep on asking yourself. Keep on looking for answers. Keep on taking action. And good heavens, stop blaming God.

If you have come to an answer, it is time to put that reflection into its effect: action. What are the things that are needed to be done to be able to attain positive mental attitude? We can go on forever with this list. In the end, it is how you implement them that would matter. However, the main question is, would you be tough enough to change what you are now?

As the book said, “you are a mind with a body.” It all starts with your intention and your thinking. Tweak your thoughts. Your body will do what your mind tells it. 

As the hadith of Rasullallah goes: "Tie your camel, and trust in Allaah." 

It means, you have to do your part first. Then, Allaah will take care of everything else. Your life is what you make it. The Almighty Allaah may put you in so many trials. But, it is with your perseverance, patience and character that you will win over them. 

Always remember, Allaah will never put you in a situation that you can't handle. You just need to get up and work hard to win it. If you let negativity rule over your mind, you will not go anywhere. But, if you look at the brighter side of the situation and do whatever you can to overcome the situation, you will win. And you always will. 

Keep the faith. Keep doing your part. Success in this world and in the hereafter will be easy if you just keep going forward. 


So, what exactly is this #RamadhanPhotoChallenge that and is starting? 

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, Vine or whatever social networking account, you are free to join. You just have to post a photo for each of the challenges listed on a daily basis. That means one item per day only! Remember that you need to post a description to the photo. Who knows how you can motivate another person by your post? And of course, remember to tag #RamadhanPhotoChallenge and mention @RamadhanPhotoChallenge (only for instagram users) for a chance to be featured in our instagram account.

For this challenge, you need to have a list of what you want to achieve this Ramadhan. This is to remind each of us that there is always a room for improvement, especially for our fluctuating iman.

Each of the items has meanings attached to it. Through your posts, you will unveil what is the meaning and purpose why I put them there. If you’ve been keeping close with your deen, you would know why I listed each of those above.

You see, the challenge is not posting the photo. It is keeping people, specifically yourself, motivated to keep their deen intact this Ramadhan. And you may do that through the photo and the description you add to it. ^___^

Since, there will most likely be 30 days in Ramadhan, I will give 30 daily challenges for everyone.

I can’t wait to be motivated by your posts. Let us share our Ramadhan drives and keep everyone hyped for the holy month.

PS: If there is only 29 days for Ramadhan, you can post two photos in one day. That means you can post #29 and #30 on the 29th.

Tips for Ramadhan

The holy month of Ramadan is indeed approaching. Are you ready?

Whether this is your first Ramadan or the 20th, it doesn’t matter. We all need to be ready for this month. A colleague once said that Ramadan is the month of love, medication, meditation and prayer. It is indeed more than those aforementioned.

Ramadan is the month of cure for the wounded. It is a month of reformation for the lost. It is the month of happiness for the sad. It is the month of purification for the impure. As humans, we are made to err. And Ramadan is the answer for our errors.

We are given a month to ponder and shy away from all of our desires by The Almighty Allaah. We are given bountiful rewards waiting for us to grab during this holy month to keep our good deeds heavier than our wrongdoings. It is up to us if we want to chase all those rewards and forgiveness given by His Holiness.

So, are you ready to be ready for Ramadan? Read on.


In every event, a master plan is needed. And a Ramadan to-achieve or to-do list is a must. Get a piece of paper. List down all the things you want to accomplish this coming month. Here is what my list looks like.

1. Complete sawm (unless forbidden). Make up for lost sawm afterwards.
2. Finish reading the qur’an + understand translation.
3. 0% music.
4. 5% zakat.
5. 30% savings.
6. #RamadhanPhotoChallenge ( I will post in another blogpost )
7. Kohl for eyes only. All else, 0% usage of cosmetics.


Now that you have a plan, the next move is to do what is in your list as early as possible. This is so that you would not be shocked on the first day of Ramadan. Say, you can start the sunnah fasting every Monday and Thursday. Or you may want to read the Quran starting now. Or you would prohibit yourself from listening to any kind of music right here and right now. If you can start now, do it. Then, it would be easier to implement everything during Ramadan and thereafter.


The next step is during Ramadan already. Discipline is the essence of this month. Be sure to have a strong stand and do not go otherwise your plan. Stick to what you wrote down. It would be hard, but the result would be sweeter. There is no room for voluntary errors.


When you reach Eid feeling accomplished, know that Ramadan hasn’t ended. You should keep your achieved list and keep achieving them on daily basis already. Ramadan is not just here for a month. It must be engraved in our hearts and minds. We do not just fast from evil during this month. We should for our entire lifetime.

Every day, we ask Allah to guide us to the straight path. Guidance has been sent to us long before, it is up to us to follow it. Ramadan is here to change us and keep us aligned with that straight path. It is here as a mercy not as a burden. If we reached this month, we are lucky individuals. Let us make the most of it.

Why Islam?

Islam means full submission. Being a Muslim requires one to be fully submitted to the will of Allah. A Muslim is never a Muslim if he has not put in his heart that he will do anything for the sake of Allah. The essence of living this life for any Muslim is to worship Allaah, none but HIM alone.

A Muslim follows so many rules and regulations of Allah. It is a religion that is incorporated into how one shall live his life, a religion with complete ingredients and procedures that would ultimately lead to a palatable dish which is a meaningful life. In Islam, one is required to have all the good qualities altogether.

Who says it is easy to be a full-fledged Muslim? No, it isn’t and it will never be. Even those that already have gone far in the practice of this religion are fighting a battle in order to be fully submitted, a battle that only the one with stronger imaan shall win.

However, Islam may be a tough religion to follow, but it is worth it.
I cannot imagine life other than which Islam teaches us. It will be chaotic and wasted. It will be full of narcissism and self-centered people. It will be full of arrogance and ignorance.

Life with Islam is just the perfect ingredient to living life to the fullest. After all, Islam teaches us to go beyond what our eyes can fathom in seeking knowledge – both spiritual and physical. Islam teaches us to give love more than what we receive. Islam teaches us to be steadfast to whatever trials are handed down to us. More importantly, Islam teaches us to be the person that is worthy enough for HIS paradise.

In sha Allaah. Allaahumma ameen.

The True Meaning of Life

Life for some is just a simple 'be happy and do everything that you please to please other people' kind of thinking. In today's world, we are made to believe by capitalists and those who are greedy that we need to do this and do that to please other people.

If you are living this kind of life, rewind and freeze to the moment when you felt that you had the best of everything. Now, think. Did it really made you happy until now? You may say yes, but actually it is a big NO! You feel that if you could only bring back that moment, you'd do everything. Nothing in this world is of permanence. You, yourself, is temporary.

It is never too late to realize that we need Allaah. And it is never too late to start learning HIS religion. Do the first step now. READ THE QUR'AN and UNDERSTAND EVERY WORD IN IT.


The Sujood
Sujood (prostration) is one of the things a Muslim does when he prays.

A lot of people, especially Non-Muslims here in the Philippines, does not understand the essence of this. While few just let it be, many others mock Muslims as 'to kissing the soil when praying'.

I have read in a Youtube comment once that goes like this: 'At least, di namin nginungudngod ang mukha namin sa lupa di tulad ng mga Muslim na ito.' (At least, we do not put (i dont know what nginungudngod in English is) our faces on the soil unlike these Muslims.

Sujood is an act that lets us be closer to Allaah. When we are in prostration, we let go of the arrogance that we have (such as the comment above). We are acknowledging that there is greater power in the name of Allaah. And that HE alone is worth the sujood.

When we are in sujood, we let loose all the burdens of life that we are carrying and rest it all to the ONE POWER who is in full control of everything.

When we are in sujood, we indulge ourselves in a much greater ecstasy, that is acknowledging ourselves nothing without Allaah.

Everyday, we make at least 34 sujoods. That, I think is more than enough to make us humble to everyone and of course, to the All-Knowing and Almighty. Now, if we feel that we are still arrogant in that many sujoods we make, then we can add more to them.

To the Muslims, if you haven't took any sujoods, when will you minimize that arrogance you have towards Allaah? When will you start acknowledging that Allaah deserves a looooot more sujoods than you can make in your entire life? When will you let HIM plan and control your life because HE is the best of planners?

Start now. Get moving. Pray. Make that necessary sujood before it's too late. Ameen.

Dulang: A Halal Tausug Cuisine Restaurant in Metro Manila

Many of us in Metro Manila look for halal places to eat out with friends and family. I did have a hard time looking for Halal restaurants in Metro Manila. Aside from Quiapo and Taguig, which are populated by Muslims, I could hardly look for eating places in other corners of the Metro. 

Just recently, a friend posted in Facebook about this lovely place, Dulang. It is an extension of the Zamboanga City based Dulang. 

When my bestfriend came to Manila for a visit, I contacted few friends and went to the place. It's high time that I meet Ahmad of Anak Iluh too. It was an ecstatic afternoon to spend with such amazing people. I am glad that I get to be with them even for a snap of time. ^____^ We seriously just laughed the whole afternoon. It's like we've known each other for too long already even though I've just met Ahmad and Jaji that afternoon. :)

Janna, Jaz, Me, Monin (Jaji at the back)

Tausug Pastil

Bihon, Tiyulah Itum, and Beef Rendang

Happy moments with happy people.

So excited to dive in and indulge!
Btw, Dulang is located at 1313 M. Adriatico Street corner Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila.
For complete Menu and information about Dulang, please refer to this link.

See you at Dulang. ^___^

Distinguishing Fiqh from Shari'ah

For most of the non-Arabic speaking people like me, Fiqh and Shari’ah are used interchangeably. Most often, I use these words synonymously when in fact they are two terms that mean differently. What I understood from childhood is that these two mean “Islamic Law.” However, as I studied in Islamic Online University, I learned that these two are of different meanings.

Fiqh literally means “the true understanding of what is intended.” And Shari’ah literally means “a waterhole where animals gather daily to drink, or the straight path.”

Technically, Fiqh is a science of deducing Islamic laws from evidences found in Qur’an and Sunnah. While Shari’ah is the total of Islamic laws revealed to the prophet that can be found in the Qur’an and Sunnah. In short, Fiqh is a deduced Shari’ah.

Fiqh may also be changed according to the circumstances to which it is applied, while Islamic laws in Shari’ah can never be changed as they are decreed by the Almighty Allaah. Fiqh applies to specific circumstances while the Shari’ah is mostly general in the sense that it is basic principles.

We must understand the Fiqh of Shari’ah for us to be able to live the Islamic way of life. This should be the unifying force that would bring Muslims altogether. In shaa Allaah, we will all learn further.

(source: The Evolution of Fiqh by Dr. Bilal Philips)

When Someone Shows Interest In Islam

I and Kah Morhana were walking past through perfume section of SM Department store when a salesman approached us. He asked, “Do you understand Tagalog, ma’am?” I exclaimed, “Oo naman.” He smilingly replied, “Ay, Filipino pala kayo.” He was obviously selling his perfume products to us as he escorted us to his stall of expensive perfumes. 

During his talk, I politely said that I don’t use any kind of perfume. He was astonished by what I said and asked why. Perhaps it was his first encounter that someone told him she don’t use perfume. I told him that in Islam, it is not really encouraged to wear the perfume. Or in simple terms, it is prohibited for girls to wear the perfume. Again, he was shocked. “Why would a religion prohibit you from using perfume?”

I explained that it would invite temptation when a girl smells good and sweet. It would invite men specifically. Then, he agreed and reaffirmed that it is the possible reason why we dress like how we do. Apparently, he stopped his sales talk and asked further about Islam, from the four wives to the food and many more. 

I learned that it was not us the first persons he talked to about Islam. He had also previously asked many shoppers about Islam as well. Had he not been a man, I would have invited him over a cup of coffee to talk more about this beautiful religion. 

When I felt like the conversation was getting longer, I politely ended the talk. And we went away. 

From the encounter, I learned something. Many people are interested about our religion. Sometimes, we just have to know more so that we can tell them from the facts that this religion would totally bring peace to them. We just have to have knowledge. AND WE HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO DELIVER IT TO THEM. As Muslims, we have an occupation to live with. We should let the world know about Islam. It is our task to make da’wah. 

I am more than inspired to learn more of the deen now.

The Sweetness of Iman – A Seminar by Shaykh Ahsan Hanif

I am back! Alhamdulillaah, I passed the CPA Board examination and I am now a CPA. After giving my time to the worldly desire of education, I would want to start off my career with knowing more about Islam and loving it more. Inshaa Allaah, I will be posting more in here. I am currently studying Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies at Islamic Online University for the sake of my deen. Inshaa Allaah, everything will flow smoothly.

Last August 22, 2013, I attended a Seminar at AIM Building, Ayala, Makati City held by Al-Maghrib Institute. It was indeed heartwarming and humbling to be with Muslims and learning from and with them the beauty of this religion. I promised myself that I should post about the said seminar and share it to the world. Alhamdulillaah, here it is.

This will be a long post, please bear with me. Read and be indulged in the beauty of Islam. I love you for the sake of Allaah. This is why I am sharing such beautiful experience with you.

Please read till the end. I highly encourage you to do so.

Iman, when translated to English, means faith. However, this word, iman, is far deeper than faith. It is something more powerful. It is something that determines how we will be able to withstand the changes in our surroundings and the troubles that we are about to face in terms of our beliefs.

In every aspect of our daily life, we should develop an attitude of increasing our faith with everything that surrounds and within us. Iman fluctuates. Even the sahaba has this problem of iman going up and down. However, they incorporated within them the ways on how to increase their iman when they feel that it is getting low.

"When your iman is strong, it gives off fruit for every season." (Surah Ibrahim)

That means, when we have strong iman, we taste the sweetness of religion and life in every aspect and season. Iman is something we should develop innate within us. It should be strong enough to be the foundation of our beliefs. When our iman is strong, everything about Islam and its pillars will comes off as easy as a walk in the park.

There are 3 things that will define our iman. These are:

  1. Allaah SWT and the Prophet SAW are more beloved to you than anything in this world.
  2. You love your fellow brothers and sisters in Islam only for the sake of Allaah.
  3. You dislike to go back to Kufr/disbelief just as you dislike to be thrown to jahannam.

The big question now is: How do we increase our iman? 

According to Sheikh Ahsan, there are 6 major ways to increase our iman. But everything would lead us to the shahada.

photo credit:
I - Loving Allaah

We cannot increase our faith unless we love Allaah. We won't follow Islam unless we find ourselves loving Allaah. We cannot say we are Muslims if we don't love Allaah.

So, how do we love Allaah? Let me ask you something. Those you loved the most today, why do you love them? Did you just wake up one day and decided you love them? Actually, no. You love them because you know them. And when you know them best, they put a mark in your heart and they stay there forever. Thus, you love them.

When we want to love Allaah, we have to know Him. We have to know everything about Him, though as a human, we cannot know everything about Allaah. Only He knows everything about Him. As Sheikh said, "We find it hard to love Allaah simply because we don't know Him."

We all know that in the Qur'an, the Almighty talks often about Him. This is so to help us know Him. He focuses on Himself so that we have an idea of what He is like. The greatest surah, Al-Fatihah, and the greatest verse, Ayatul Qursi, talks about the greatness of Allaah and what He is like. Surah Ikhlas, which when read is equivalent to reading 1/3 of the Quran, talks about Allaah as well. From these alone, we get knowledge of our Creator. Inshaa Allaah, we incorporate these ayah and surahs in our hearts.

Aside from knowing Allaah, we should see His beauty. We all know that Allaah is more beautiful than what we can fathom. He also loves beauty. That's why He gave us senses to experience beauty. Knowing the 99 names of Allaah would make us appreciate His beauty even more.

We know Allaah. We see His beauty. But, we also have to be thankful of all the favours Allaah has given us. We love those who give favours. How much more when we know Allaah's favours upon us? Won't we love him the most? Imagine life without your eyes. How dark would it be? Imagine life without those you love. How lonely would it be? Imagine if you have not been given this life, in the first place. Would you be able to experience any of these? No! Our lifetime worship of Allaah does not compensate the favours given to us. Remember, one good deed is heavier than 99 of our sins. That's how much favour we are receiving from Allaah.

We have to be thankful that we are given this opportunity to enter paradise. Ameen.

II - Loving The Prophet SAW

If there is one man on earth with so many people loving him, it would be Prophet Muhammad SAW. Though Islam is the second largest religion, I say this because only Prophet Muhammad SAW receives so many prayers for his sins despite his close to perfection. Only he that people asks for forgiveness everytime his name is mentioned, may Allaah be pleased with him.

Now, imagine on the day of Judgment, when we are altogether and the Prophet leads us. Won't it be the sweetest day? Perhaps, that is the day that I can say, I would die of kilig and all the things that teenagers feel for One Direction, etc. Even upon writing this down, I feel the enthusiasm and excitement I will experience on the day I meet the Prophet. Inshaa Allaah, may Allaah bless us to meet and talk to the Prophet in Jannah one day.

Why do we love the Prophet? Allaah loves him. That alone is enough reason for us to love the Prophet. We love him because he sets the perfect example of a Muslim and a believer. We love him because he has sacrificed so much for this Ummah. We love him because he has given us so much favour. We love him even though we have not met him because we are praying that one day, we will meet him.

If you love someone, you will follow him. If you love the Prophet, you will follow him.

III - True Brotherhood

As the saying goes, "No man is an island."

We cannot say that we can live without depending or without mingling with our fellow human being. This is why, friendship has a vital role in Islam. When you have good company, you will at least be good too.

How do you choose your friend? Is it because you have similar interests? Actually no. You become friends mainly because they happen to be there and you get to know them. Friendship is said to be organic. It's natural that we become friends with those around us. If we get to know them, then we create a bond that leads to your similarities.

There are three levels of friendship: acquaintance, friendship, companionship/bestfriend/khalil. If you have reached companionship, then, you can say that nothing will ever tear you apart aside from Allaah.

If we can remember, there are 4 types of people that Allaah loves. These are the ones that love, sit, visit, and strive for another for the sake of Allaah. Good companionship takes you closer to Allaah while the opposite will take you to Kufr.

How can we develop true brotherhood amongst us? We should take time to learn and study Islaam together and help one another in terms of difficulty in the deen. Inshaa Allaah.

IV - Being Better than the Best

"Muslims of today lack ambitions towards their religion," Sheikh Ahsan said. What we don't understand is that we need to develop within us an ambition that will guide this ummah to be the best ummah, as the Prophet said with confidence. We are the best of all the ummahs. Thus, we should uphold this title by being the best in every way we could. We should always try to do things with excellence, but we should not expect perfection. For perfection is only a word befitting to Allaah.

When you think that you have reached the "best", you are wrong. Don't take it as the ceiling. You should always go higher and higher. Everyday, you should do something extra. That is to achieve ihsan. Abubakr RA was promised jannah. Yet, he still manages to serve an old woman by cleaning her house, milking the goat, and baking bread for her.

If you ask for Jannah, ask for Jannatul Firdaus, the jannah next to Allaah's haven.

If you aim for excellence, you will always remember Allaah and your iman would go up.

V - Trusting Allaah

My highschool teacher once told us, "You are not a Muslim if you have problems and you are unhappy." I doubted this way back. But now, as I reflected through the trials I had in my life, it is indeed true.

We are Muslims. We believe in the Qadr (decree) of Allaah. When we reach failure, we should not be discouraged. A Muslim should never get discouraged if Allaah has decreed upon him failure in one aspect. Allaah is the best of planners. We are where we are right now for a reason.

Everything in life is borrowed. If it is borrowed, why worry in the first place? Allaah owns everything. Yet, he still gives us so much blessings. That's why we don't have to worry. Allaah will never put us in a position that we could not handle.

If you leave something for the sake of Allaah, He gives it back to you more.

Be the best you can be. After you did your job, leave everything to the rahma of Allaah. He will always be there for you.

VI - Be in this World as a Stranger

In this world, nothing is permanent. We will all say our farewell. Sometimes, we won't even be able to say goodbye. Everyone is a passer-by. That's why don't put yourself in a position that you are too stuck in this world. Know that the goal is to be in our home in Jannah.

If we live like a stranger to this world, it would be easier for us to follow the Qur'an and Sunnah. If you feel lost, keep on evaluating yourself and know where your position is as of today. We should remind ourselves constantly of the things we should do and should have done in this dunya.

This is not to say that we should not be involved in dunya. Islam is a matter of keeping in balance your dunya and your akhirat, with the akhirat having little more weight. It is knowing what Allaah wants and asks of us.

There are said to be 4 types of people. These are:

  1. Wealthy and Knowledgeable of Islam - they spend for good and they are the best type of people.
  2. Knowledgeable but Poor - if they had the money, they would have spent it for good. These are equal in reward with #1.
  3. Wealthy but no knowledge - they dispute over wealth and spend on evil. These are the worst type of people.
  4. Poor and no knowledge - if they had the money, they would spent it on evile. These are equal in evil with #3.
Now, you can choose to be who among the four you can be. If we cannot be number 1, then we can at least be number 2. Inshaa Allaah.


Sheikh Ahsan stressed that in everything we do, we can change it into worship. Islam is not just a religion, it is our way of life. It encompasses everything in our lives.

Think back and reflect. If you have low iman, perhaps you can now start on building and developing it to be skyscraper high. In Islam, it is never too late to do good.

The worst of people is that he who thinks that Allaah will not have mercy upon him for his evil deeds. Remember, Allaah is the most merciful and most forgiving.

Alhamdulillaah for being a Muslim. I hope I have shared enough. Inshaa Allaah, I will be sharing more.

If you have read till here, then Alhamdulillaah. May we all be blessed by the Almighty Allaah. 

PS: I want to thank Kah Zarah Kathleen Alih for inviting me to the seminar and to Jasmeen who was my company for the day. May Allaah be pleased with both of you.

Don't Delay Your Deen

At one point or another, we have made delaying things an excuse. It's not a new phenomenon. Procrastinating of students is a form of delaying what's essential. However, one thing that we should never ever delay is practicing our deen. 

A common thing I hear amongst girls my age is them saying that they will wear the hijab once they get old. My dear friends, are you even sure that you'll grow old in this life? Another one is delaying one's salah. If you believe in the greatness of the Almighty Allaah SWT, you should be prostrating and praying for his forgiveness.

If we only engrave in our hearts that death can come anytime without prior notice, we would not delay things. We only have one life to prove that we are worthy of Jannatul Firdaus, let's make the most of it. Let's work hard in this testing stage and gather our rewards in the afterlife.

Thinking of Giving Up? Have Faith!

We all have days that we think that we are good for nothing creatures. Sometimes, we look for reasons why we are even alive. If you have been feeling this, know that you are not alone.

The Almighty Allaah stated in the Qur'an that Man is created weak. We are made in such a way that we sometimes lose reasoning.

What will keep us moving forward is the faith that we have within ourselves. This faith will be our defense against our weaknesses. This faith will be our source of motivation to go on with life.

Dear sister in faith and in this world, you are here for a reason. We all are. Reasons might vary from person to person. What matters most is that we spend our life in trying to achieve the utmost reason we are here - to live a peaceful life in the next life.

I don't want you to be miserable. We are siblings in Islam. Please motivate yourself with faith. And you could only achieve this faith by learning more about Islam. There is always room for knowledge. It is one of the things that Allaah asks of us. We should be continually learning from day to day.

This is just nothing but a journey we are currently taking. Nothing is of permanence. What is here today might not be here anymore by tomorrow. Your time now is of the essence. Please take good care of it.

There is always hope, my dear. One way or another, you should know your purpose. And give it your faith. That way, you will always have the strength to face your weaknesses.

"People can put you down. And they will. But Allaah will never abandon." - Nouman Ali Khan